I remember my first Scrum Master experience back in 2011.
Even after following several Agile courses I still have tons of questions.

After 10 years of practicing Scrum with several teams I decided to share some of my resources and experiences that worked well in those contexts over the years…

Why is it still a challenge to set up good test automation? In practice I notice that test automation is still seen as a separate competency. Nothing could be further from the truth, because it belongs to a competence that has existed for many years: software development.

As with software…

I’ve had the privilege to work with a several teams and Scrum Masters over the last few years. On many occasions I had some interesting discussions. I’ve combined some of these subjects into one virtual conversation with an imaginary Scrum Master.

Scrum Master: My Team believes I don’t give them…

People who practice BDD and/or ATDD all know how frustrating it can be to write automated examples. Especially when you get stuck overthinking the preconditions of examples.

This post describes an alternative approach to writing acceptance tests: write them backwards!

Imagine that you are building the very first online phone…

Kishen Steve Simbhoedatpanday

Software Test Developer. Podcast host @codeklets. Living room DJ. Married to @jufsantweet & father of Jayden & Mila.

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